Happy Mode ~Konnakanji~

Mayu’s Profile
Born in 1977 in Osaka, Japan where she also currently lives.
Mayu’s Brief History
She started learning calligraphy at the age of six.
Her interest in calligraphy has continued and she specialized in the subject at a university in Japan.
She currently works as a calligraphy instructor at a high school whilst also creating new pieces and poems and constantly developing new styles.
She published a book in 2006:[わたしの胸のうち]“Messages from inside my heart”
Mayu’s favourite Japanese proverbs
[自楽平生道] (自ら平生の道を楽しむ)
・・・Enjoy life as is
[志気之師也] (志は気の師也)
・・・ Once your heart is determined your energy and inspiration will come out